The Power Of Being Visible

We work with businesses from every industry and they all want the same thing: to be found when their ideal customers are searching for their services and ready to buy.

Here we've listed advertising opportunities you have with us and we suggest other places that you can benefit from as well.

Free Advertising

Small Business Directory Listing - FREE

Your business listing can easily be added to our directory by filling out your information. That's it! In addition to your listing, you get:

  • Backlinks to your website
  • Added boost for your search engine results
  • Targeted lead generation
  • More ways customers can find you

You can update your listing at any time.

Content, News & Blog Writing - FREE

We love provided industry specific content to our site and welcome your submissions. Content can be on pain points of your customers, how they can be solved, trends and hot topics within your industry, upcoming events, and any other information that you want your potential customers to know about your business. All submissions will need to abide by the requirements and will go through an editing process to match the style of Start Small Media's blog layout.


  • Word count above 500
  • 1 featured image (you can have us create one for you for a fee)
  • Additional images related to you content (personal, stock or royalty free)
  • Spell-checked and grammar checked before submitting
  • Resources and citing included (at end)
  • Full URL links to be used (where applicable)

For any reason you need assistance, please let us know! We offer templates and image help. You can go to to create amazing free images. We are here to help you create your first couple articles. After that, you will be a pro!

Social Media Mentions & Shares - FREE

We would be happy to share your page, a post and upcoming events on our social media pages, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest!

Contact us directly on any of our social pages via messages or posting directly to our page or you can tag us in your post!

Be a Speaker At One Of Our Classes or Networking Events - FREE

You can promote your business, services and other events at ours! We offer a 45-1 hour speaking opportunity at our networking events to allow you to showcase you and your business. In addition, we will share your business page and specific landing page to your website to help you utilize your analytics for traffic.

If you are interested in speaking at a class or event, please email Angie at


Paid Advertising

Our paid advertising includes the following opportunities:

  1. Advertising Spot (banner) on our website
  2. Directory Listing
  3. Newsletter Advertising Spot
  4. Sponsorship for Networking and Class Events

NEW! Website Banner Ads Advertising

You can advertise your business by having a banner on the side panel, bottom or middle sections of our website pages. Size options are: 

  • Sidebar 125 X 125 Square:  $25/Monthly
  • Sidebar  250 X 250 Square:  $35/Mo
  • Standard 468 X 60 Blogs & Pages Bottom=$25/Mo, Top=$35/Mo


If you are interested in a banner on our site, please email Angie at


Directory Listing - Upgrade from FREE

You can advertise your business for free, however, if you want to upgrade your listing to a full page of your own, plus multiple images, and more backlinks, including your own blog post URL's, you can! Purchase upgrade for = $50/Mo

If you are interested in a full page advertising spot on our website, please email Angie at


Newsletter Advertising

You can advertise your business by having a banner on our newsletter, bottom section or side sections. Size options are: 

  • Sidebar 125 X 125 Square:  $25/Monthly
  • Sidebar  250 X 250 Square:  $35/Mo
  • Standard 468 X 60 $45/Mo


If you are interested in a banner in our newsletter, please email Angie at


Sponsorship or Networking Events

You can also advertise your business by having your information on our sponsorship section and on our handouts for our monthly networking events. This would include additional information and a half of a 8 X 11 sheet. You do not need to attend the event, either! It's a way to promote your business without having to be in front of the crowd!

Cost per event = $50

If you are interested in advertising at a class or event, please email Angie at